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Why choose National Car Buyer

Why choose National Car Buyer?

So what makes us better than everyone else?

    arrowYou deal with the same member of staff from start to finish
    arrowNo call centres
    arrow1 Simple form to fill "That's It!
    arrowWe collect your car from your home or work
    arrowPayment by Cash / Instant Bank Transfer / Bankers Draft
    arrowAll paperwork and existing finance dealt with
    arrowNo hidden cost's - free from start to finish

So why sell my Car for Cash?

Selling a car privately is difficult

Selling a car privately is difficult, expensive and very time consuming. Taking photos, writing the ad and constantly valeting your car every time someone comes to view. Then test drives to strangers that could be risky and your payment is not always guaranteed to be secure. Should your private sell go through, this can still take weeks to complete! National Car Buyer takes out all of the stress from this process therefore eliminating all the common pitfalls that come with selling your car privately!

Part exchanging is easy!

Part exchanging your car with a garage can be easy but be aware that they will only offer you a minimum "Trade price!" As they intend to profit from your part exchange as well as profit from the car you're buying!

So if you can agree to sell you car to us prior to going to the garage you can act as a "cash buyer".

Cash Buyers get a better deal

As a "cash buyer" you will be able to negotiate a better price on your new car!

National Car Buyer can then arrange to collect your current car on or before the day you collect your new one, leaving you not without your car but also having the money ready to buy your new car on the day you collect it!

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